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ad hoc designs is a Cardiff-based SME business that was established in 2005 to deliver bespoke architectural design solutions. We work closely with our clients, developing their thoughts and ideas to create something unique.

We have worked on hundreds of different projects, some of which can be seen in our gallery. These have included hand-railings, balustrades, fencing, balconies, feature staircases, garden features, furniture, gates and porches, however we welcome all enquiries. Our products are created either from the client’s drawings, or designed by our design team to meet the requirements of the project. We have been involved in projects of all scales, and are happy to work with local authorities.

“It’s all in how you arrange the thing… the careful balance of the design is the motion.”

Andrew Wyeth

“Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all… good design must primarily serve people.”

Thomas J. Watson

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Steve Jobs