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Project Description



Communication has, time and time again, proved to be the most successful component in delivering a world class product for all our clients at ad hoc designs . Recently, we took a further step in this direction by adding the time-lapse video summary to our service, for environment-technology suppliers, Envitech Ltd.


Following a period of significant growth, Envitech’s operations moved to a new premises at Capital Business Park, Cardiff. With the dilemma of only small space to a-join the lower and upper tiers of its offices, and with the clock ticking, Envitech’s Managing Director Jim Pickering drafted in ad hoc Designs to provide a measure which would quite literally allow Envitech the means to take the next step in its story. Ad hoc designs, as it has done so many times working within difficult space constraints, provided a theoretical design solution using CAD modelling that gave up nothing in aesthetics and function. The result, a beautifully crafted S-shaped spiral staircase with an elegant hand-rail, manufactured in stainless steel and oak.


As with Envitech, this modern and dynamic approach to customer feedback, enables our customers the opportunity to see our craftsmen in action, offering a full explanation of the design, manufacture and installation processes, and all from the convenience of their work or home desktops. If you’re interested in this service as part of your purchase, we’d be happy to talk with you.